• Nov 21 2017

    Holiday Decorating Tips


    It seems winter has come early to the queen city, which means we can start talking Christmas! 


    We know it can be hard to find the space, or the ability to decorate the way you want in an apartment; so we've scoured the internet looking for the best tips and tricks that won't get you in trouble with the landlord but still let that holiday spirit shine. 


    One easy way to bring the holidays to your small space is to decorate what you have. Rather than bringing in a bunch of figurines, trinkets and ornaments; take the advice of Holidappy and decorate the things already in your space. 


    Apartment Therapy did some out of the box thinking for holiday decor based on the Ikea Catalog, finding 10 unique ideas for holiday decor. They've even got great ideas for diy advent calendars for those brave enough to tackle a holiday project. 


    Whatever the decorating idea, or how tight that holiday time crunch may be, we hope everyone enjoys their holiday season. 




  • Oct 16 2017

    Neighbourhood Spotlight - Downtown Core


    There’s something to be said for convenience, and downtown living is as convenient as you can get. The ability to work, live, and play all in one spot definitely has its perks.


    Night Hawk Properties offers units in high rise buildings in the downtown core, as well as low rise apartments a few blocks detached for a bit of a quieter downtown life.


    Regina’s downtown features churches, financial institutions, health and fitness centers, and a plethora of restaurants and night life.  The Scarth St mall is a wonder with it’s a trendy boutiques and quaint shops, topped off by City Square Plaza and it’s seasonal farmers market and festivals throughout the year.


    So if you’re searching for the place to be, one of our downtown units just might be the answer. 




  • Sep 19 2017

    Tips for Surviving Fall


    So it seems fall has officially arrived in our fair city; and just like the spring it brings with it a bunch of annoying allergens. We’ve found a few tips and tricks to help keep your space allergen free this fall.


    You see those crisp, beautifully colour leaves falling from the tree outside? They’re carrying the biggest cause of fall allergies, mold.  Whether it’s up to you, or your building maintenance worker, ensure those leaves get raked up as promptly as possible to avoid those nasty sneezing fits.


    If you’re in a single family dwelling, make sure you clean your air filters. Allergens such as ragweed, mold and pollen will accumulate in you’re a/c and furnace filters throughout the summer, and be distributed throughout the house when you kick on that furnace for the fall chill.


    Adding some leafy greens to your diet can help keep the allergy bug from biting. Broccoli and Kale are packed with both Vitamin C and Vitamin A to keep you feeling refreshed and allergy free this season.


    Of course, if all else fails, keeping allergy medications handy isn’t a terrible idea. Pills, nasal sprays and even eye drops are great at combating the effects these fall allergens can have on us.


    So try something this fall to help you avoid the itchy throat, sneezing and red eyes so you can instead enjoy the beautiful colours of fall. 




  • Aug 16 2017

    Neighbourhood Spotlight - Arnheim Place


    We all know the old saying "Location, Location, Location", well we're currently renting in one of  Regina's best! 



    The mature neighbourhood of Arnheim Place is nestled in Regina's south east end and stretches from Park Street to Broad Street right along beautiful Wascana Park. The area features mostly single family war time homes, though developers such as Zarkor Homes have been building new duplexes to bring new life to the area. Brand new elementary schools have been constructed on Douglas Avenue and Abbott Road and charming Candy Cane Park is only blocks away. 


    While the proximity to Wascana Park is likely the biggest draw to this beautiful neighbourhood, we can not forget that it is also home to the Al Richie Community Center, (which of course houses a skating rink in the winter) the Broadway Avenue Shopping Center and the Tartan Curling Club


    Contact us for your chance to call Arnheim Place home today!




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