• Jul 19 2017

    Apartment Living with Mans' Best Friend


    Living with your buddy, your pal, your very best friend in the world; could there be anything better? We'd like to agree but sometimes it's not always what's best for you, us, or them. 


    Before making a decision to live in an apartment with any sort of pet it's important to ensure that the landlord approves of them. There would be nothing worse than having to choose between an apartment you love and your furry friend. Some apartments have pet restrictions, meaning maybe only small dogs, or older cats would be acceptable, not your high energy puppy. Check your lease agreement, it likely states your landlords view on pets! 


    If you're lucky enough to have a landlord that accpets your pet, remember that's only half the battle. Don't forget about your neighbours. You likely have some that work shift work, or have children, some that maybe aren't fond of animals; so be mindful of their boundries. Keep your pet quiet indoors, exercise them regularilly so they aren't zipping around the house while people are trying to sleep, wait for the next elevator if  you're with your pet, and be sure to clean up after your pet so everyone can enjoy any greenspaces around the building. 


    Be respectful and courteous and we're sure everyone will enjoy your pet being around as much as you do. 




  • Jun 15 2017

    Investing in Revenue Property


    Owning a rental property has become quite the trend, but it isn't easy by any means. Choosing the right property can make or break your rental investment. Throughout Regina you will see brand new Infill homes being built in well-established neighbourhoods by builders like Zarkor Homes.


    A few key things to consider when shopping for your rental property:


    • Financial Responsibility - Most people buying a rental property are doing so with the help of a second mortgage. What you may not know is, Canada's new mortgage rules require a 20% down payment for the purchase of rental properties under 4 units. Ensuring the property you choose has the capacity to generate income and not just break even with your mortgage is key.
    • Location, Location, Location! - It may sound obvious but not only will the location of your property help to attract and keep good tenants in your rental but there is also income from property value growth to consider long term.
    • Well Built Property - The real estate market has all types of homes, from dyi renos to custom built, and you're going to want to take note of the workmanship throughout the property. The less maintenance work you're going to have to put in, the less money coming out of your pocket. Your tenants will thank you for not having to inconvenience their lives with pesky maintenance calls.


    Whether you think you've got it figured out, or you're in over your head, it never hurts to call a professional for some help. 




  • May 9 2017

    End of Winter Furnace Maintenance


    Can you feel it? Summer is right around the corner! It's finally time to turn off the heat, open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. But wait, there's something you're forgetting, your furnace just spent 6 months (4 if you're really lucky) working overtime to combat the bitter chill courtesy of our prairie winter. 


    As the seasons change, it's a good idea to take a quick look at your furnace and ensure it's made it through the winter unscathed. Here's a few things Reliance Home Comfort suggests before moving on to summer time; 


    Change the filter: Furnace filters play an important role when it comes to energy efficiency and cost savings. In fact, a new filter also keeps your air conditioner working smoothly, since your cooling system uses the same ductwork as your furnace and therefore relies on the same filters.


    Clean dirt from the furnace area: Keep the area around your furnace system clean by sweeping or vacuuming out dust and debris, and make sure nothing blocks the registers to maintain unimpeded air flow.


    Have your Furnace Inspected:   Many parts of you furnace can become worn, or dirty over time and may need to be cleaned or replaced.  Some of these items include belts,  pilot light, motor, bearings, heater exchange and the burner assembly, especially if the furnace is an older model.


    It's a good rule of thumb to check your furnace as the seasons change, regular upkeep will help keep down those utility bills, as well as lower the chances of any big repair bills! Nobody wants to go through a -40 degree Saskatchewan winter and have their furnace quit.


    So go ahead, thank your furnace for getting you through the cold, and give yourself peace of mind to enjoy the warm sunshine of summer.




  • Oct 6 2016

    The Walter Scott Grand Opening in Moose Jaw

    Walter Scott Building Moose Jaw

    Welcome to the Rise of the Walter Scott

    September 2016 marked a historic moment in the city of Moose Jaw. The newly renovated Walter Scott building was officially opened! Special thanks to the City of Moose Jaw, the Government of Saskatchewan and Zarkor Construction.




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